Writers Tease Chance of Another Series After Prison Break Resurrection

Prison Break Resurrection
Prison Break Resurrection

Prison Break Resurrection is the official title of the Fox’s popular crime-drama series set to premiere on April 4. Yet there might be a chance of another series after this reboot according to the writers.

Digital Spy considers the official title for the reboot logical. Indeed, Michael Scoffield (Wentworth Miller) was technically dead at the end of season 4.

As it turns out, Michael is alive. However, he is not well as he is imprisoned in a foreign country. Hence, the plan for Prison Break Resurrection is to get him out of jail and back home.

Prison Break Resurrection Synopsis

The series catches up with Sara and Lincoln years after Michael’s presumed death in 2005. However, as the official description from Yahoo TV reveals, he is still alive albeit not in the best situation anyone would hope for.

“Seven years later, thanks to an information provided by T-Bag, Lincoln and Sara discover that Michael, believed dead in 2005, is still alive and, because of ISIS, imprisoned in Ogygia, a prison in Yemen, so they, with the help of Sucre and C-Note, plan an escape to get him out of prison and also out from the country itself.”

Questions about how Michael Scofield could return in Prison Break season 5 came up when news of the reboot emerged. Indeed, fans were curious to learn how it was possible since he already died.

Paul T. Scheuring previously addressed these concerns. Yet at the same time, the show creator seemed to cast doubts on Michael’s character. Hence, it led to questions about his mysterious past. Prison Break Resurrection episodes would likely answer this question and more when it premieres next month.

Beyond Prison Break Resurrection

The latest impromptu Twitter Q&A held by Prison Break writers with fans of the series seems to tease at another series after Resurrection. This would not be the first time @PBWritersRoom threw hints at the possibility. Early on, fans were already curious if another series would follow.

In May 2016, they explained why the reboot was only a limited series. However, the writers also seemed to imply anything was possible if its ratings were amazing. This time around, @PBWritersRoom teased about how ratings might be a factor for another series after Prison Break Resurrection.

It is too soon to tell if Prison Break Resurrection will get the green light for another series. As it is, the entire cast are reportedly booked on other shows. Hence, the reason why the reboot has only nine episodes. Nonetheless, the writers appear optimistic.

Are you hopeful for another series after Prison Break Resurrection?

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Image source: Facebook/Prison Break

Video source: YouTube/Prison Break

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Writers Tease Chance of Another Series After Prison Break Resurrection

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