Amy Duggar And Husband Fights At Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

Marriage Boot Camp
Marriage Boot Camp

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars season 7 premiere showed Amy Duggar and husband Dillon King fighting over cats.

The former 19 Kids & Counting reality star caught up in a rift with her husband which was caught on tape. King was talking to the camera as he said that Duggar sometimes takes a swing on him.

Amy and Dillon’s Animal Cruelty Issue

Later on, Duggar retorted by saying that she only had to snap at him because of what he did to their cat. It can be recalled that King received a number of criticisms when he allegedly throws their cat.

“If you’re going to treat a poor little innocent kitten like that, I do not want kids with you,” Amy Duggar told him.

After King’s alleged animal cruelty, Duggar had to explain what really happened.

“What happened with our little kitten was an accident,” she told. “Dillon was in the kitchen cooking and Winston jumped on his back, scratching him up!”

The reality star added that King grabbed the cat and he intended to put it on the table. However, the cat was not able to land on four paws, and the scene looked like it was really thrown down, Refinery 29 said.

Moreover, Duggar also said that she and King now have a second kitten and he treats her “like a baby.”

“He’s going to be the best dad someday, and the fear that I had about starting a family is gone,” she said.

Season 7 reveals Amy and Dillon’s woes

Duggar and King joined Marriage Boot Camp even after one year of being married.

In an interview with Life & Style magazine, Duggar revealed why she and her husband, King, are already turning to couples counseling — after only one year of marriage. She admitted that King’s tone of voice forced her to join the reality show. His tone drives her crazy which led them to try marriage counseling.

“He’ll say, like, ‘Pick up the trash,’ instead of, ‘Hey babe, can you pick up the trash or something?’ ” she said. “It’s the smallest things that can be an issue because of the way he talks to me.”

Catch Marriage Boot Camp Season 7 on WE TV every Fridays at 9 p.m.

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Image Source: Facebook/ Marriage Boot Camp

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Amy Duggar And Husband Fights At Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

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