Alone Season 3 Winner Predictions and Why Callie North Left

Alone Season 3 Winner Predictions
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Alone season 3 winner predictions are rampant as the finale approaches. Earlier forecast pointed to Dan as the potential winner. Yet it appears voters think otherwise.

Of the ten survivalists who took part in HISTORY’s Alone season 3, only one will win the grand prize. Last December, all bets were on Dan to take home $ 500,000.

Indeed, his skill at trapping had many convinced of his ability to survive the wilderness among the rest. Previously, Alone season 3 winner predictions pegged Zach as the likely winner. However, he also tapped out of the show after Callie.

Alone Season 3 Winner Predictions Minus One

Alas, fan favorite Callie North tapped out of Alone season 3. Monsters and Critics hailed her as a front-runner. Hence, everyone’s surprise at her decision to bow out at the end of Episode 8.

As it turns out, the decision was something she thought about for some time. Moreover, she realized the deeper meaning of the journey on the show. Hence, she wanted to leave Alone season 3 on her own terms.

“Once I let go of winning, the whole journey shifted and I could sink into a much deeper place of growth within myself. I trust that a way to buy my land will present itself. That is just a monetary exchange of goods whereas this experience of having a true and complete journey is once in a lifetime,” Callie said.

“I do not feel a single iota of regret. It was a perfect journey for me and the person who wins this thing is the person who is meant to win it,” Callie added.

Who Stands Out in Alone Season 3 Winner Predictions

Recently, HISTORY tweeted the results of a poll on who would win Alone season 3. Among the three survivalists in the running, Megan has a slight lead over Fowler. However, a curious insight by Redditor Dennicorn could indicate the latter as this season’s likely winner.

Apparently, Fowler is the only contestant on season 3 to appear in every episode. Interestingly, this happened last year with Dave McIntyre. So, could it be true again in Fowler’s case? Meanwhile, Carleigh Fairchild could be a contender for the prize despite being the dark horse this season.

HISTORY’s programming guide for February 9, Thursday revealed the finale title as 87 Days. According to Starcasm, it is the longest survival period to date. Fans will recall, season 1 winner Alan Kay lasted 56 days and season 2 winner lasted 66 days.

Alone Season 3 airs Thursday, February 9 on HISTORY. The Reunion Special follows right after.

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Image source: Facebook/Alone on History

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Alone Season 3 Winner Predictions and Why Callie North Left

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