Alone Season 3 Finale Predictions Point to Dan as Potential Winner

Alone season 3
Alone on HISTORY Season 3

The Alone season 3 finale will not premiere until tomorrow, Dec. 29. However, it seems the winner of the season may have already been revealed long before season 3 even began.

HISTORY‘s landing page for the show introduces the 10 survivalists through short clips. In these mini videos, each individual details the 10 items he/she is bringing to Patagonia. Through this, the audience also gets to know Britt, Carleigh, Fowler, Megan, Zach, Dave, Callie, Greg, Jim, and Dan.

Out of these candidates, sources point to Zach as the potential winner of season 3. An article from Starcasm offers an attributed explanation as to why this may be the case.

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First evidence that the site mentions is Zach’s social media exchange with another contestant, Megan. When they were promoting the show through Facebook, Megan and Zach had a congratulatory exchange at the comments section. When Zach leaves his congratulations, Megan responds by saying, “No more congrats to you.”

Another evidence the source cites is Zach’s overall profile and his apparent knowledge on wilderness survival. Starcasm quotes Facebook user Survival Gal who noted Zach’s mention of “proper wilderness survival activities”.

However, these predictions were later on debunked when Zach tapped out of the show after an injury.

Who is the rightful winner of Alone season 3?

YouTube user The Wooded Beardsman released a winner prediction video earlier in December. In his ranking, Dan tops the potential winners list. The Wooded Beardsman cites Dan’s trapping as his strongest suit in the wilderness. Accordingly, this will give him the edge in terms of gathering food for longer periods of time. The Wooded Beardsman also notes that Dan’s items–including an ax–will help him gather necessary resources.

The Wooded Beardsman initially ranked Zach as his top predicted winner based on body weight. Nevertheless, he changed his mind citing “body weight is not everything”.

All the audience can do at this point is wait for the official announcement of the winner in season 3’s final episode.

The Alone season 3 finale airs tomorrow, Dec. 29 at 10 p.m. on History.

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Photo: Facebook|Alone on HISTORY

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Alone Season 3 Finale Predictions Point to Dan as Potential Winner

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