Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Renewal is Uncertain, Show Has Smallest Audience Among ABC Shows

Agents of SHIELD season 5 renewal
Agents of SHIELD

The series audience share to date could get in the way of the Agents of SHIELD season 5 renewal. What chances does the Marvel series have?

Alas, it would appear the Agents of SHIELD season 5 renewal hangs in the balance. Up to now, its fate in the 2017-2018 TV season remains uncertain. Then again, the LMD arc has helped the series a lot.

Moreover, the series has no problems concerning casting. Yet it would seem something is still amiss as the network has not decided on the Agents of SHIELD season 5 renewal.

Odds of Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Renewal

Sadly, Agents of SHIELD is one of Marvel’s TV series on the bubble of TV Line as its chance of renewal is uncertain. The prospects of its return for another season would seem good compared to others. However, the case against it as presented by the numbers appear dangerous for its status.

As it turns out, Agents of SHIELD has the smallest number of audience share weekly. The numbers indicate it only takes in 2.48 million viewers per week.

Nielsen also indicates the average demo rating of season 4 is only 0.8, which is 33 percent lower than last year. Apparently, the series has yet to crack a demo rating of 1.0 since it opened last September.

Yet another threat to its renewal is the arrival of the Inhumans series later this year. TV Line posits the collaboration of ABC and Marvel might be one of the reasons the Agents of SHIELD remains afloat. However, things could change once the Inhumans series arrives.

Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 14 Spoiler

Despite the unknown fate of Agents of SHIELD season 5, spoilers for episode 14 of the current season reveal what is ahead for the team. According to Comic Book, the title The Man Behind the Shield could have different reference points.

First, it could be in reference to the organization itself, SHIELD. However, it could also possibly be connected to Director Jeffrey Mace (Jason O’Mara).

Apparently, the character was the third Captain America based on comic book stories. Indeed, this would not be the first time the series referred to this. The synopsis for this week’s episode reads:

“Mace fights for his life while Coulson and team find themselves in a deadly cat-and-mouse game as they attempt his rescue.” Last week, Superior’s men captured Mace despite the tremendous fight he put up after injecting himself with the super soldier serum. So, it is up to Coulson and the rest of the team to rescue him.

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Image source: Facebook/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Renewal is Uncertain, Show Has Smallest Audience Among ABC Shows

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