Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Features Koenig Brothers’ Return, Agent May Still in Danger

Agents Of SHIELD Season 4

The previous episode of Agents of Shield season 4 was a tough one for Agent Melinda May. It left viewers wondering if she will be able to escape at all. On the other hand, the Koenig Brothers are set to return on the forthcoming episode in a not-so-adorable circumstance.

Agents of Shield Season 4 ‘Wake Up’ Highlights

Agent May (Ming Na-Wen) tried to escape from Dr. Radcliffe (John Hannah) and Aida (Mallory Jensen) a number of times. Unfortunately, the two have now set up a fighting simulation in order to maintain May’s environment. Putting her at a spa in her dreams resulted to trouble.

She is used to turmoil which makes programming her in the middle of chaos better than a good rest. Aida revealed towards the end of the battle that everything was a simulation. The amazing part is that May keeps on getting better every time.

Viewers who have been tuning in to the show since season one would know not to underestimate Agent May. For now, the only thing audiences should wait for is how the agent will escape from Aida and Dr. Radcliffe.

It can be recalled that SHIELD was able to apprehend Dr. Radcliffe, only to find out later on that the one they captured was his LMD. Consequently, viewers saw that the human one is already under Sanator Nadeer’s protection. With the agency at a loss, Agent May’s decoy inside SHIELD proves to be a greater threat than ever.

Episode 12 Synopsis

According to Bam Smack Pow, the Koenig Brothers (Patton Oswalt) return to the upcoming episode titled Hot Potato Soup. Unfortunately, their lives appear to be in danger. Below is the official synopsis.

Agents Sam and Billy Koenig (Patton Oswalt) are hunted down to get at the Darkhold book, and only Coulson and the team can save them before the clock ticks out.

Culturess reported that the Koenig Brothers were first introduced as twins. However, viewers lost count of them and some thought of the possibility that they might be real life decoys. If this happens, things are even more at risk since they can also be controlled through Dr. Radcliffe’s program.

Fans’ burning questions will be answered when the show returns. Watch Agents of Shield season 4 episode 12 this Tuesday on ABC.

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Image Source: Facebook/AgentsOfShield

Video Source: YouTube/MarvelEntertainment

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Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Features Koenig Brothers’ Return, Agent May Still in Danger

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