This Adorable Game of Thrones Audition Tape is a Must-See

Game of Thrones
Kristian Nairn

Before your favorite Game of Thrones character made it on screen, they were simply actors auditioning for the part. Fans of well-loved character Hodor don’t have to wonder how Kristian Nairn earned the role as his audition video surfaced.

An article from Winter is Coming shared a compilation video of auditions from the GoT cast, including that of Nairn’s. Nairn’s clip makes it to almost seven minutes. It shows a portion where the person behind the camera gets to know Nairn a little better.

Nairn shares his age, how tall he is and notable physical features–including different tattoos in his body.

The video then proceeds with the main audition part wherein Nairn is asked to walk back and forth the garden. He also does some scenes with a kid who stands in for Bran’s character. After some scenes with Bran, Nairn is asked to respond the way Hodor would when called.

Aside from dialogues, Nairn is also asked to show his physical strength by lifting a table. Though he didn’t get it at first, he finally lifts it above his head after a few attempts.

The video then ends with Nairn getting out of character and sharing more details about himself. Check out the rest of the video here.

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What’s in store for Game of Thrones season 7

If everything remains the same in the showrunners’ plans, Game of Thrones is down to its last two seasons, with seven of them releasing in season 7.

Actor Iain Glen recently shared that people behind the show are taking as much time as they would when producing ten episodes of the series. This just means that although the episode count is lower, the creative team isn’t holding back in producing quality output for the series’ penultimate season.

While Hodor said goodbye last season, a character who has been gone since season 3 of GoT will return. Actor Joe Dempsie, who plays Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, Gendry, was seen in set photos. Though no details are available yet on his role, many fans believe he’ll have a significant part in the coming season.

Game of Thrones returns with its seventh season in the summer.

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This Adorable Game of Thrones Audition Tape is a Must-See

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