24 Legacy Preview Shows No Connection From Original Series

24 Legacy Preview
24 Legacy Preview

The reboot of Kiefer Sutherland’s original 24 must be something really special since it will premiere right after the Super Bowl. However, the upcoming season has no connection to the original series based on the 24 Legacy preview.

If you are expecting something close to 24 or at least to its sequel 24: Live Another Day, you will get disappointed. According to Den of Geek, 24 Legacy preview showed an entirely new angle although it will still run based on a 24-hour timeline.

Apparently, there is no mention of Jack Bauer nor of President Palmer in this season. The only reminder of the previous show that fans could relate to is the CTU setting and Tony Almeda (Carlos Bernard).

No character from the previous seasons has been confirmed to appear in the new show except for Almeda. Manny Coto earlier confirmed that Bernard will reprise his role later this season. “This is just a character who has a certain past we need to explicate. And Tony’s dark past comes back to haunt Rebecca in some way,” said Coto.

Miranda Otto will portray Rebecca Ingram, the former CTU head and the wife of a senator, who is running for President of the United States. To take down a terrorist leader, Ingram works with the team of 24 Legacy new hero – Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins).

Legacy will revolve around Carter, a former Army Ranger whose past will haunt him. He led a group of soldiers that eliminated terrorist leader Sheik Ibrahim Bin-Khalid.

When he returned home, he found out that he and his squad mates are targeted in retaliation for Bin-Khalid’s death. Carter asks CTU for help while stopping some largest-scale terror attacks on US soil.

Why 24 Legacy Preview Has No Connection With Previous Seasons

Executive producers Manny Coto and Evan Katz explained that they wanted the viewers to enjoy the new 24 Legacy even when they haven’t watched the previous seasons.  “We want the audience to feel that these are their people and not to be thinking about the past,” Katz told Entertainment Weekly.

Despite the lack of nuclear detonation or president assassination, the heart-racing touch of 24 is still in here. In addition, the mole-in-the-government angle still exists in the storyline.

24 Legacy will premiere on February 5 after Super Bowl LI in Fox. Check back with us for more updates before then.

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Image Source: Facebook/24Fox

Video Source: YouTube/24 Legacy

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24 Legacy Preview Shows No Connection From Original Series

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