24 Legacy Jack Bauer ‘Spirit’ Still in The Show, Reveals Corey Hawkins

24 Legacy Jack Bauer
24: Legacy

Corey Hawkins assured fans of the 24 franchise that the 24 Legacy Jack Bauer ‘spirit’ lives on. Kiefer Sutherland does not appear on the new series.

The spin-off premieres on February 5 Super Bowl Sunday. No doubt, expectations are high for the series. This is likely owing to the success of the franchise.

Nonetheless, the 24 Legacy lead star offered his assurance to fans. Moreover, he revealed Jack Bauer has given it his stamp of approval.

Corey Hawkins Talks about 24 Legacy Jack Bauer Spirit

“The spirit of Jack Bauer is still in this show. Kiefer’s just been awesome. He’s the only other person who really knows what this particular journey is and the only other person that I could talk to,” Hawkins told ET at the TCA Event last fall.

Everyone familiar with the 24 franchise knows Sutherland who played the role of Jack Bauer. This time around, 24 Legacy Jack Bauer will not appear. Nonetheless, the spin-off intends to present a slew of interesting new storylines likely to captivate fans of the original.

Incidentally, Kiefer Sutherland is reportedly one of the spin-off’s producers. Thus, no doubt he will keep a close eye on the series for the benefit of fans.

24 Legacy in Print

24 Legacy is in print as well. In addition to the TV series, Corey Hawkins and the rest of the cast will appear in a comic book prequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The five-part series titled 24: Legacy — Rules of Engagement will reveal the backstory of Eric Carter.

It will explore his experiences in Iraq and in Washington, D.C. It will also trace how he became a wanted man considering his previous status as a national hero. Screenwriter and novelist Christopher Farnsworth wrote the series while artwork was by Antonio Fuso.

Apparently, Farnsworth has been a longtime fan of the original series. Hence, he expressed gratitude at the chance to be part of the franchise. Moreover, he is glad to give his own contribution to the story.

The fact he gets to blow up a lot of stuff on the comic book pages is an added bonus for the writer. Thus, his resolve to do his best to measure up to the show.

Watch out for 24: Legacy — Rules of Engagement in April in stores and in digital format. Meanwhile, check back for more updates on the series.

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Image source: Facebook/24Fox

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24 Legacy Jack Bauer ‘Spirit’ Still in The Show, Reveals Corey Hawkins

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