24 Legacy Fun Facts You Need to Know and How It Differs From the Original

24 Legacy

24 Legacy has big shoes to fill in when it premieres this February 5. However, the spin-off does promise to be another feather in the franchise’s cap.

The name of Kiefer Sutherland is synonymous with the 24 franchise. Thus, would fans welcome the spin-off 24 Legacy when it airs after the Super Bowl? Lead star Corey Hawkins believes many would. As the actor told Extra, it would be similar. Although, it does offer something extra for fans to look forward to.

“This is Eric Carter’s day, and it’s a bad one. No, I’m not playing Jack Bauer, and that was the appeal. I don’t know if anyone can step in and take over that! All this is is an expansion of the world. That part of CTU still exists. Jack Bauer is still where he is, you know?” Hawkins said.

While he might not be in front of the camera, Kiefer Sutherland still plays an active role in the spin-off as one of its producers.

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How 24 Legacy is different

Indeed, the spin-off intends to do things a bit differently from its predecessor. According to Rotten Tomatoes, one distinct difference between the two is this one starts at noon. Nonetheless, it still offers a slew of interesting new storylines to captivate fans. For starters, Carter is not a CTU agent like Jack Bauer was. Instead, he is an Army Ranger who happens to be under the witness protection program. Up until killers blow his cover and he seeks help from the CTU.

However, a few characters from the past will find their way into the spin-off. For instance, it references Edgar Stiles (played by Louis Lombardi.) He died during season 5 of 24. Producer Evan Katz seems certain loyal fans will appreciate this connection between the old and new.

This time around, 24 Legacy features a Latin president played by Jimmy Smits. Interestingly, the character’s campaign manager is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin. Thus, viewers would do well to keep a close eye on Nilaa. Moreover, how her Muslim-American background comes into play in the story.

24 Legacy starts February 5 on Fox after Super Bowl.

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24 Legacy Fun Facts You Need to Know and How It Differs From the Original

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